Testimony from our Students

Most pastors from our tribes have no biblical training at all. The access to a theological formation in this region is complicated. I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to study at CEBIPAM. Here I learn things from scriptures that I’ve never learned before.
Pastor Oseias, Ticuna Tribe - Brazil

I’ve planted churches in Colombia, Peru, and in many villages in the Amazon region. With more than 50 years of experience in ministry, I’ve never had the opportunity to study the Bible thoroughly. Today, God allowed me to learn, together with other pastors, things that I’ve never known from the Word of God.
Pastor Raimundo, Ticuna Tribe – Brazil

Never before I had the opportunity to study the Bible like I’m studying now. When I first heard about CEBIPAM, I’ve decided, together with the other five brothers from my tribe, to participate in the program. We travel seven days by boat from our village, in the Javary Valley, to learn from the Word of God. Our goal is to learn more so we can teach the Bible effectively to our people.
Moisés, Mayoruna Tribe – Church Planter, Perú, and Brazil

Today I understand the need for sharing the Word of God correctly. That’s why I’m studying here at CEBIPAM.
Iván, Ticuna Tribe – Colombia