“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Tim.2:15

CEBIPAM (Bible Center for Amazonian People) is a ministry with the goal to empower the church leaders among the tribes of the Amazon.

This initiative was born to respond to the great need for biblical formation in the region, especially in the Alto Solimões.

The Church has significantly grown in the region, and the gospel has reached a large number of people. However, the biblical training of leaders has not kept pace with this growth.

As a result of the absence of biblical foundations among pastors and leaders, many churches have walked without doctrinal depth. This reality is allowing false doctrines and heresies of local cults and sects to blend with biblical principles producing a harmful syncretism.

Considering the need for local workers trained for the missionary work, and understanding the great difficulties for their formation, CEBIPAM is developing a ministry that supplies the lack of training in the area.

Accessibility - The training is being held in the city of Benjamin Constant, a strategic place located on the border between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. It gives better access to most pastors and leaders of the region.

Resources - Because we are placed in their region, we can reach a higher number of local leaders for a much lower cost.

Presence - The fact that CEBIPAM is among them, show that we are committed to their ministries, encouraging them to continue their endeavors and mobilizes others to do the same.

CEBIPAM is a non-profit ministry that is endorsed and supported by different entities and individuals who voluntarily participate in this project.