Testimony from our Teachers

It was my first time teaching at CEBIPAM, and it was an enjoyable experience. The role of this bible center in the Alto Solimões region is of incalculable importance. The scope is immeasurable. The students go from there to the diverse communities taking the transforming gospel of the grace of God.
What struck me most was the eagerness with which students receive the Word, the teachings, and their interest in learning. Coming from distant places, such as the Javari River Valley (7 days by boat) to participate in the training (more time on the waters than in the classroom).
Anyone who has the opportunity to be part of a team to minister in any module should not lose it. Besides their great need, the experience for those who go is indescribable.
May God bless CEBIPAM.
Reverend Clovis Ortlieb
Rio Brilhante, Brazil

The trip to the Amazon was challenging in several ways, beginning with the preparation and presentation of classes. It is not so easy to teach such precious and valuable biblical content in a proper way within the indigenous culture. In the logistics area, riding a boat on the amazon river without knowing how to swim, is a matter of faith!
But the experience was extremely rewarding. Being with people so in love with God and committed to learn and to teach their people is priceless.
Not to mention the cultural learning received by listening to the life stories of CEBIPAM's students and the missionaries responsible for the project, who with such commitment and love give themselves over to the cause of the gospel in that region.
Missionary Elenice Barros
Curitiba, Brazil

When I was invited to teach in one of the modules of CEBIPAM, my heart was filled with joy! The experience with those leaders of the Lord's church in the heart of the Amazon rainforest was shocking! These men and women are the Heros of CEBIPAM. What we have done is to provide them with tools, but they are the ones who are working hard, struggling, and risking to fulfill the mission that has been given them. With the help of CEBIPAM, they can advance even further, and that's why initiatives that invest in the preparation of local leaders, are so important.
These brethren are light in the heart of the forest, light for a people that may have been forgotten by many, but never forgotten by Christ there on the cross.
Missionary Jean Torchi
Fort Worth, Texas

To teach at CEBIPAM is an experience of exchange. It is teaching and learning. The students deepen their biblical, historical, and pastoral knowledge, and we learn about their culture and experience their context. It is to coexist with different people and language, who are interested in learning and doing, in hearing and applying, in study and work.
To teach at CEBIPAM is to invest in the kingdom, cultivate friendships, train leaders, and develop skills.
To teach at CEBIPAM is a vibrant experience that we always want to repeat.
Renata Marcondez
Curitiba, Brazil