A Dream Coming True

At the beginning of the 21st century, I had the opportunity to participate in a mission trip to the region of Alto Solimões, specifically in the triple border, Brazil / Peru / Colombia.

Visiting various indigenous communities and churches, I could see the lack of prepared pastors and leaders to feed the flock entrusted to them by God.

I left intending to challenge people, who were committed to the expansion of God's Kingdom, to help by training local pastors and leaders of the Amazon region.

In 2016, during our annual mission's conference, the guest speaker invited was a missionary from Spain, who has been establishing Bible centers with his organization.

Knowing him personally and following his missionary endeavors for years, I knew that what he was doing there could work wonderfully here in Brazil.

I've connected the missionary from Spain with another missionary serving in the Amazon region and challenged them to talk about the possibility of starting a similar project in the north of Brazil.

And from that conversation, a dream became a reality. CEBIPAM was born!

Luiz Filipe Jordão
Itapema, SC